Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Moment of Anticipation

Take a moment and enjoy this, right now.  The NHL season is finally upon us, and our beloved Blue Jackets have just started training camp.  Excitement is in the air around Columbus, and a great example of this was from the first on-ice day of camp, where the Ohio Health Ice Haus was packed with fans.

Photo: @APortzline via Twitter

This is a special moment for us fans where we don't see under performing players, dismal power plays, and shoot out loss after shoot out loss.  No, this is the 2011-2012 season, and nothing can or will go wrong.  Cherish this time as we the fans can play out the entire season in our minds and accomplish exactly what we expect. Some may think a tight race to grab the 8th spot, others may see a Central Division Championship, or even the 'Holiest of Holy' silver cup.  As delusional as that sounds, or is, it doesn't matter during this time of anticipation.

As Jacques tells us from the longest running sitcom in TV history (Simpsons) during their first season:
"To the most beautiful moment in life, Better than a deed, better than a memory, the moment... of anticipation!"
 The season will come and go.  The Blue Jackets will get to play 82 games, maybe 86 games, and with a little luck over 100.  Players will get hurt, defenses will break down, losing streaks will happen, shorthanded goals will be allowed.  We will also see a fair share of shut-outs, hat tricks, winning streaks, and Prospal goal celebrations.  These emotional roller coasters are what draws the fans in, and keeps them coming back year after year.  These games are the "deed".

Photo: @RedditCBJ via Twitter
When the season is complete and we all collectively look back and reflect on the successes over the year, we will remember certain parts that made it special and we will need to keep those thoughts with us over the long (hopefully not too long) off-season.  These are the 'memories'.

But now, right now, we have anticipation and no one can take that away from us. This is what drives us crazed fans to insanely follow #CBJ or #CBJ00 (inside joke) on twitter.  This is what drives @Skraut_ to create amazing Blue Jackets highlight videos (Call to Arms). This is what causes great events like CannonFest to be born. This is what drives random dudes like me to think they can write and create a fan blog (tell your friends!).

So I ask only one thing of all of you before the first puck drops for the season:  Take it all in, and enjoy it.  Let's have some fun this season following our beloved team at Training Camp as the young guys try and find a spot on the roster.  Let's show them how excited we are and how much we care.  Let's high five each other as total strangers in the Ice Haus when one Blue Jacket player scores on another Blue Jacket player.

And finally, let's all be thankful that the CBJ owners and the city of Columbus are committed to this team, and keeping us entertained year after year.

I won't officially give my season prediction yet, but I'm sure you can probably guess what this 'eternal optimist' will expect to see from the club.

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